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Qualita' e la sicurezza garantita secondo i migliori standard internazionali nella nostra selezione di sistemi a tubi giunti, sistema a telai prefabbricati, sistema ponteggio modulare multidirezionale.

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Picture of Jacks and Base Plate

Jacks and Base Plate

Call for pricing (+39) 011 19 37 10 04
Picture of Steel Frames

Steel Frames

Steeledge Steel Scaffolding LLC manufactures, supplies and exports first-rate steel frames for public structures in Dubai.
Call for pricing (+39) 011 19 37 10 04
Picture of Scaffolding Fittings

Scaffolding Fittings

Access a wide array of first rate scaffolding fitting products like scaffolding tubes, clamps, Swivel Couplers, forged steel clips, prop jack nuts among others from the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of construction units in the construction industry. We are dedicated to offering superior range of scaffolding fittings in Dubai within comprehensive price bracket. We have embraced a very safe work environment which facilitates our valued employees’ efforts to provide you equally safe, high performance and cost effective scaffolding units within a desirable turnaround time. Our scaffolding products are available in pressed steel finish. Do check out our detailed scaffolding fitting products list in order to find out more.
Call for pricing (+39) 011 19 37 10 04
Picture of Access Ladders

Access Ladders

Steeledge Steel Scaffolding LLC is backed by the services of professionals who are well aware of the complex needs of the construction industry. As such, the range of safe and durable Access Ladders offered by us, has gained unparalleled traction in the construction industry. Based in Dubai (UAE), we (the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of scaffolding and other construction products) bring to you a diverse gamut of access ladders utilized to secure access to handrail systems and staging. Since the ladders and related accessories are engineered from high quality raw materials, they last desirably long, delivering high performance throughout.
Call for pricing (+39) 011 19 37 10 04
Picture of Scaffolding Accessories

Scaffolding Accessories

When it comes to scaffolding accessories, trust us! We have all you need at “Steeledge Steel Scaffolding LLC”! We carry everything from caster wheels, ladders, and jacks to base plates and arms. In order to enhance the features of the scaffolding, you should have these accessories in your design tool box. We have a complete line of scaffolding accessories for sale and strive to provide all the tools which can be used for the proper functioning of scaffolding products. Accessories help make a range of jobs so much easier, scaffolding more mobile, and make certain aspects of the job safer. Our range of scaffolding accessories are manufactured using carefully chosen materials and includes scaffold jacks, scaffold caster wheels, scaffold pins and clips, scaffolding cross brace, side/end brackets, internal stairs, ladders and accessories.
Call for pricing (+39) 011 19 37 10 04